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Ransomware Still an Issue in 2018

Plus, are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

  • 19 February 2018
  • Author: SIM2K
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In our February issue of SIMformation we look at the continuing threat from ransomware and other malware.  Statistics show 81% of businesses have suffered some form of a cyberattack, so we want everyone to be vigilant and know the most prevalent malware vectors and how to defend against attacks.  We have covered this before, but a refresher is helpful as we kick off this year. We follow up on last month's news of the Intel chip flaw – Meltdown and Spectre – and what are the latest steps from the hardware makers to counter this flaw.  The early rush to "fix" this resulted in a "whoa" moment as the fix was called back by several companies, so here is the latest news on actions taken and still to come.


Speaking of malware, we look at how YouTube videos were infected with malware that permitted PCs to mine digital currency on the sly.  Your PC's processor, memory and your electricity was consumed generating a digital coin, Monero, if infected.  We present some basic information on what data Windows 10 collects.  When first released, there was major privacy concerns about what data this operating system was collecting and returning to Microsoft.  A new app helps shed light on what diagnostic data is collected – no personal data is ever shared.  Finally, we hope you are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse – or any disaster, fire, theft or flood that could disrupt your work.  Every company should have a Business continuity and recovery plan and we offer tips of what your plan should encompass.

Ransomware Demands Pay Off

Companies pay up to de-encrypt files.

  • 19 July 2016
  • Author: SIM2K
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In our July issue of SIMformation, we discuss how many companies are "paying up" the ransom demanded to de-encrypt their data files when struck with ransomware attacks, and urge you again to have a plan in place to help minimize the impact on your company should you be infected.  We continue our look at Cloud storage, and how some Cloud providers are also luring you into using their "flavor" of a database program, thus "locking in" your company data and tying you to that provider alone.  We look at 3-D printers and how the home market is unimpressed with them, and point out how your WiFi enabled printer could pose a danger for hacker attacks.  Plus, a computer program has rendered a masterpiece .. you will have to see it to believe it!

Internet Phones Offer Many Advantages

Zultys VoIP Communications from SIM2K

  • 23 February 2016
  • Author: SIM2K
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Our February issue of SIMformation offers a look at Voice over Internet (VoIP) communications and the flexibility these systems present to businesses.  As an authorized Zultys partner, SIM2K can specify, order, install, train and support a VoIP system for you.  We also look at the rise of "spearphishing" attacks now underway, and how companies can identify a potential attack and keep from downloading malware onto their network.  New protocols for Bluetooth means that more devices may be coming to enhance the Internet of Things for home and business connectivity.  Windows 10 privacy issues concern many people, so we discuss some of the top problem areas and how users can set Windows 10 to be more secure.  


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