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Office 2010 Next on Chopping Block

Plus a Ransomware blueprint for your security planning

  • 24 March 2020
  • Author: SIM2K
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In our March SIMformation, we cover the "end of life" cycle for Office 2010, when Microsoft will suspend support for this office suite and  migration options for you still using 2010.  We also have several security-focused articles, including new protection for Internet browser privacy, a win for the "good guys" taking down the Necurs bot network and a recap of a ransomware attack on a utility that provides a lesson in mitigation and security planning against future attacks.  We also discuss improvements coming to Windows 10, look at how Chromebooks are moving out of just education and into the enterprise, and a new Office app for smartphones released by Microsoft.  

Android Phones and Computers

Plus, the "Chrome Edge" browser explained

  • 20 February 2020
  • Author: SIM2K
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In our February SIMformation, we look at how Android Apps can bring many of your computer tools to your smartphone, linking things like Outlook, One Drive and more across these platforms. We also have a FAQ section on the new Microsoft Edge browser using the Chromium engine, and what this means for your Internet surfing. Plus, Microsoft did an Oops when it let a security certificate expire taking down Teams, so even the "big guys" can let these slip. And, a security flaw was found in a Cloud application letting anyone with access to a server see everyone's data there, so this is a caution about Cloud security. Finally, we note that people did take the warnings about moving off Windows 7 seriously, as there was a big uptick for Windows 10 in January, so hopefully you were part of this trend too as Windows7 is now out of support.

2020 Brings New Trends

What is IT talking about in this new year

  • 27 January 2020
  • Author: SIM2K
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In our January 2020 SIMformation, we discuss some trends for this new year that the IT pundits believe will be on the top of the list for interest. We also look at the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10, now that Windows 7 has gone out of support – but the numbers show it is still hanging on out there. And, Microsoft is adopting a "when it is ready" schedule for updates to Windows 10 rather than tying to cram features into their traditional semi-annual process. There is a new ploy from the "bad guys" to be aware of – "juice jacking" wherein compromised public USB charging stations can be a point of malware infections, so watch out in airports, coffee shops and other locations. Finally, we go beyond what is trending for 2020 and look at what the crystal ball has in store for the upcoming decade of technology and some farther out trends to consider.

Happy Holidays from SIM2K

Will Passwords go Away?

  • 19 December 2019
  • Author: SIM2K
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In our December SIMformation, we discuss where security will go, and if passwords will ever be replaced by biometrics, or even more extreme measures such as implanted chips. We discuss the browser war and how Firefox is lagging in revenues, bringing into question Mozilla's position in the market. We preview the new SecuriSync app that will let you view documents in Window Explorer without having to download them, Google is extending their AI chops into Google Docs with "Smart Compose" that will help users draft documents faster by suggesting common phrases and words to complete their writing. And, we look at the 2020 crystal ball and several trends the IT experts believe will be impacting technology in the coming year. Plus our random factoids from tech. Happy holidays to all our friends, and we look forward to continuing to be your IT partner in this next year and decade.

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