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Facebook Exposes Passwords

Is your information at risk?

  • 30 April 2019
  • Author: SIM2K
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In our April issue of SIMformation we look at the revelation that Facebook left user passwords on a network server in an open (not encrypted) file.  Any of the 20,000 Facebook employees  on their network could have accessed this data and done whatever with it.  So, is your information at risk and what steps can you take to guard your personal data?  We have tips.  In the "just desserts" category, a scammer has been sentenced for bilking Google and Facebook out of more than $100 million by issuing phony invoices.  At least there is some justice out their for the "bad guys."  We also look at Apple's decision to table their Air Power wireless charger product, and discuss on-line privacy and a poll from Malwarebytes on how people feel about their on-line actions - where do you compare?  Finally, we discuss the concerns in the IT industry that Ransomware is being used to cover other hacks and exploits, as the "fix" for ransomware is often "wipe and reload" meaning all old data, logs and files are erased before re-loading backups.  Some experts believe that this plays into the hands of those people doing more than just looking for some bitcoin ransoms. We have the full story, plus our usual wrap-up of news you can use.

Trends to Watch in 2019

A look at the Tech Crystal Ball

  • 29 January 2019
  • Author: SIM2K
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We kick off 2019 with a look at some of the top trends in the forecast for technology.  Naturally, security tops the list, along with AI, the Cloud and blockchain. There is speculation that Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, may be going away as Siri and Alexa have shouted her down.  Firefox is adding a data breach notification to its browser when there is the possibility that the user's e-mail and credentials have been obtained by a hacker.  We discuss artificial intelligence as it applies outside the tech world, specifically for "self-driving" cars and what programming choices may mean in the real world.  Finally, we have some tips on add-ins for Microsoft Office that may be a help to you Word, Excel and Outlook users.

Smartphone Addiction

Plus, Be Sure Data is Secure

  • 23 October 2018
  • Author: SIM2K
  • Number of views: 0

In our October SIMformation, we share a discussion on smartphone addiction and how that is re-shaping how we communicate, be entertained and work,  It is certainly "food for thought."  We also cover how many people believe that storing information in the Cloud makes it secure, yet often it is copied on the PC leaving it vulnerable to data loss, especially for those in a regulated industry.  There is a new scam out there that says you have looked at porn and includes a password you used at some time (if it appeared in any of the Yahoo or other website hacks) then attempts to shame you into paying up.  We discuss encryption options to overcome this.  Also, we have some tips and tricks to improve your Windows 10 experience, discuss some alternative Internet browsers if your privacy is of utmost concern, and look at using a passphrase, rather than a password, for your logins and if that is any better remembered and secure.  Finally, we look at the rising cost of a data breach.

Malware Primer

A Refresher Course

  • 25 September 2018
  • Author: SIM2K
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Our September issue begins with a "refresher course" in Malware.  We throw this term around frequently, and it covers many threats that can impact your PC and data.  So, we present a recap of what is lumped under the term "malware" and steps you can take to harden your defenses against possible infections.  We also debut a new desk phone from Zultys, our Unified Communications partner, featuring a 7" screen for those using Skype or other video conferencing tools.  Plus we discuss new tools from Zultys to improve business collaboration.  Microsoft is working on DaaS - Desktop as a Service.  This is really nothing new if you were into computers in the 60s - a centralized source for your programs and such - only now it is positioned as a Cloud-based service. We explain what Microsoft is up to in our coverage.  Google also makes news with the G Suite, trying to take Microsoft Office head-on for dominance in the workplace.  And, speaking of workspace, Facebook Workspace brings social media into the office to promote team knowledge exchange and group collaboration, and we have details.

Chrome or Nothing?

Google's browser dominates market

  • 28 August 2018
  • Author: SIM2K
  • Number of views: 0

In our August SIMformation, we look at how Google's Chrome Internet browser is far outpacing Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer and Mosaic's Firefox in total users.  Is this good or bad?  Plus, we look at five areas the IT security experts say are the targets for the "bad guys" and why cybersecurity must be of utmost importance to any individual and company.  If "123456" is your password, you better thing about changing it, as that is #1 on the list of 50 most exposed passwords.  We have the full list of 50 just so you can check to see if you made the list or if your password is more secure than these.  As an alternative to passwords alone, we look at a USB security key as an additional two-factor authentication check and how that has proven to benefit companies.  And, as the march to the Cloud continues, we look at security issues for hosted software in the Cloud and what you can do to protect your data in these situations.

Finally, we take a moment to introduce our newest product offering.  SIM2K is now an Epson Brighter Futures partner, so we can offer educational discounts on Epson products like their innovative interactive projectors for use in classrooms.  Schools, school districts and other educational agencies can qualify for the Brighter Futures program, so please contact us for more information on Epson products and Brighter Futures.


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