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Information Security

Indiana IT Support Network Security SIM2KIt's common for companies to keep highly confidential information such as social security numbers in their computers. While you need this sensitive information to run your business effectively, letting it fall into the wrong hands can lead to fraud or identity theft and compromise your clients or workforce.

Safeguarding your business' sensitive data is crucial. Are you certain that your company's personal information is secure? Here are the five key principles of a sound data security plan:

    • Know it. Know exactly what personal information is in your files and computers.

    • Lock it. Protect all of the information you keep.

    • Pitch it. Get rid of what you no longer need properly.

    • Plan ahead. Have a plan ready for any security incidents.

    • Scale down. Keep only what your business needs.

SIM2K's network security experts are on staff and ready to help make sure your network is secure. We offer a variety of tools to help plan, implement, monitor and protect your network and data. Our aim is to safeguard your network from intrusions such as malware and any other number of attacks.

Business Continuity

BUBS Backup Security

If your business office is in a modern high-rise building, natural disasters may be the last thing on your mind. Yet, a 70 mph wind gust can suddenly shatter your work space, both figuratively and literally. Even businesses that aren't actually damaged can be forced to evacuate for weeks while their building exterior is secured and the threat of falling glass and debris mitigated. 

Could your business handle this sort of sudden disruption? SIM2K® Backup Backstop (BUBS) service provides monthly checks to ensure your data is being backed up properly, and more importantly, can be restored. We also will take a copy of your data backups on an external drive back to our office so you will have an off-site copy in case of a disaster. We'll also check on your overall server performance and ensure your anti-virus program is up-to-date as part of our SIM2K BUBS service.

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RBS (Remote Backup Service) 

Don't Let Your Data Disappear Your business relies on the data you've accumulated. Whether it is accounting records, customer lists, sales presentations, inventory or more, chances are you have it in some database, document or spreadsheet on your computer network. You run backups of your data, but are you truly protected against a major data loss? 

Consider this:  

  • Up to 13% of hard drives crash in the first year
  • 140,000 drives crash every single week in the US alone 
  • Accidental deletion of key files accounts for 43% of data loss each year 

Or, what if your company has a fire, someone steals your equipment or there is a natural disaster that destroys your data and your backup files at the same time? Do you have customers expecting you to have a copy of their files stored offsite? Wouldn't having an off-site storage arrangement, where your valuable data is protected, be prudent? 

That's where SIM2K Remote Backup Service (RBS) steps in. For a low monthly fee, SIM2K will connect to your servers during off-work hours and complete a copy of your important data files (up to 250 Gb) which is then stored at our office. We begin by coming to your office to identify all your key files and create a baseline backup of this data, which we will load into our system. Then, nightly, we will connect to your network and update this data with all changed files, so you will have a redundant copy of your data. 

If you should you have an incident where data needs to be restored to your network, we will re-connect and download your data. If the file size is large, we will copy the data to a drive and bring it to your office for faster data transfer back to your servers. We will let you know regularly what is being backed up remotely and how big it is. We will also periodically make a test restore to ensure your data can be easily restored to your system.

SIM2K RBS is available for only $100 a month. If you wish to take advantage of the archive backup option, and/or the disk storage option, these are an additional $25 per month for each. Attempting to recover data from a crashed hard drive can run into thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success, so this is a small price to pay for peace of mind for your business files. According to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., 93% of companies that lost data for 10 days or more due to disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. Of these, 50% filed for bankruptcy immediately. Don't put your business in jeopardy. Let SIM2K Remote Backup Service be there to add that extra layer of protection and keep your business up and running no matter what may befall your network.

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Security Assessments

Consulting/CIO Services

Computer Consulting Support Network Support Indiana SIM2K

You run your own business and you know the ins and outs of every facet of your operation. But, you may not be an expert on your technology needs, especially when it comes to planning for future growth. SIM2K offers IT consulting services, acting like your Chief Information Officer (CIO), to help you assess your technology, take a snapshot of where you are today, and plan a roadmap for where to take your technology to meet your future needs. We know the IT world, follow the trends, see what new tools are coming to the IT marketplace, and then how these can be put to work for you. Whether you are considering a server upgrade, moving to a new office, or especially if you are looking for a major expansion of your business, let us work with you early on to help plan for the best way to identify needs, avoid problems and make smart choices for your technology. We can assist you as an IT consultant, providing you with a plan for you to implement yourself, or we can partner with you to work together to fulfill your needs today and into tomorrow.

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Indiana IT Network Security

In today's IT environment, the security of your network goes beyond just running an anti-virus program. The hackers of the world are constantly probing networks, looking for any vulnerability they can exploit. Even if you don't think you have any data the "bad guys" might want, they can still access your network and use it as a remote site to further extend the reach of their malware, using your resources, bandwidth and piggy-backing on your good name.

The increased demand for wireless connections has also made network security more of an issue. Many businesses don't realize the broad footprint a wireless signal produces, and the tempting target this makes for hackers. A person sitting in your parking lot or even the office next door could be probing into your wireless network looking for any chinks in your armor.

That is why SIM2K offers comprehensive security assessments and planning to inspect your network and any vulnerabilities, and to plan steps you can implement to harden your network from intrusions. We have certified security experts who can work with you to review your network, all connected devices, your firewalls and routers and wireless access and probe for any weaknesses and then advise you of steps to take to improve your network security. We can also work with you to implement these recommendations as you desire.


A particular subset of network security involves the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Anyone who collects personal information on patients, including, but not limited to, name, age, address, social security number and health information, is governed by HIPAA. The federal government has strict regulations on protecting this personal health information, and violators face substantial fines should they be found to not be in compliance, or worse, to have suffered a data breach exposing personal information that can be used for identity theft. SIM2K can work with companies in the health care field to assess their security measures as they apply specifically to HIPAA regulations.


Another subset of network security is aimed at those companies that collect financial information, including credit card numbers, from their customer base. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS, or PCI for short) is the security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. Again, there are strict guidelines for security in place under the PCI standard, and companies are expected to be in compliance. SIM2K will work with any company obligated to comply with PCI to ensure they are following the measures required by this standard.

Our Happy Customers

"As a small business, we do not have our own internal IT department. SIM2K® Block Hours offer us a way to get more of the support we need at a lower cost."
-A central Indiana wealth management company

"We've found SIM2K to be an instrumental force in shaping our IT future. Thanks to their SIM2K Block Hours, we've found an effective way to pay for our IT needs as they arise."
-A central Indiana auto auction

"SIM2K has been there for us over the years. They've helped us setup remote access systems, advised us in our continued growth and even helped us restore our patient management software."
-Top rated Indiana surgeon's office

"We were hit by a nasty Internet worm right in the middle of tax season that disabled our server. SIM2K was able to come in and in hours we were back up and running. Their responsive and competent help saved us a lot of time, pain and money."
- A central Indiana accounting firm

"BDA has been utilizing SIM2K consulting services for several years now. We are very pleased with SIM2K's focus on customer service and recently decided to become a SIM2K® Pinnacle customer. We IMMEDIATELY realized the cost benefit to our company! SIM2K Pinnacle has proven to be a great asset to our company..."
- Bill Dunbar and Associates, LLC