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For those clients desiring a Managed Services arrangement, SIM2K offers SIM2K® Pinnacle, SIM2K® SerenityPlus and SIM2K® Serenity. These packages offer a combination of technologies designed to meet the needs of businesses that don't have any IT staff. These packages help protect customer information, accounting systems, mission critical software applications and databases. You can find more information on each of these packages below.

SIM2K® Pinnacle IT Support

SIM2K® Pinnacle is tailor-made for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations. By offering IT services and support for a set monthly fee, instead of by the hour, Pinnacle helps companies control their bottom line while still maintaining the highest level of IT support.


The Pinnacle plan routinely manages the most critical IT functions with little to no disruption to business operations. These services protect, monitor, and improve organizations' investments in technology. If your organization needs expert support on a regular basis, then the Pinnacle plan is for you- this customizable bundle of services. SIM2K Pinnacle includes expert technician support and Support Team labor whenever it's needed.


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SIM2K® SerenityPlus

SIM2K® SerenityPlus is a comprehensive program of important support services that give you diagnostic support, day-to-day business continuity and defense against malware.  These are tested and proven in actual field situations, and represent best practices for administration and maintenance of your IT structure.  Many companies do not have a full-time IT specialist; rather, they have a person designated as “overseeing IT” but have other responsibilities.  SIM2K SerenityPlus steps in to support that person and give companies cost effective peace of mind that their technology support needs are being met by our qualified Support specialists. Subscribers also enjoy access to our best discounted hourly support rate.

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SIM2K SerentiyPlus focuses on these important areas:


The best practice for maximizing the security of your network is to deploy defense in depth.  SIM2K SerenityPlus does that by deploying content filtering (SIM2K® Shutters) at the edge of the network; e-mail filtering (SIM2K® StickyNet) and anti-virus software (SIM2K® MAVerick) at the network level; root level sentry protection (CylancePROTECT®) at the infrastructure level and backup protection (SIM2K® BUBs and SIM2K® RBS) for any situations where exploits are able to penetrate the defense perimeter.

Business Continuity/Data Protection

Would your business survive a prolonged shutdown – for any reason, be it a natural disaster, fire, malware or hacker attack?  SerenityPlus is designed to help copy important data and have off-site storage for extra protection of company files.

Availability and Up-Time

SerenityPlus is designed to permit our Support Team to keep tabs on your IT infrastructure to head off problems before they become a major issue, as well as to let us apply security updates, patches and other critical tasks – and through remote access to your network so we can respond immediately and not have to travel to you for most of of these issues.

IT Administration

What puts the "Plus" in Serenity is the administrative tasks included in this program, including SIM2K® Virtual CIO, access to your own SIM2K®Dashboard so you can see what our Support Team monitors, and advanced inventory tools.

SIM2K® Serenity Support Service

For less than the cost of a large pizza a day, choose SIM2K® Serenity support services. As the name implies, Serenity gives you the peace of mind that your business' database and sensitive information are protected at all times. Subscribers can purchase discounted Block Hours of support time to cost effectively plan for obstacles as they arise.


Serenity is a combination of several of our popular support services that give you the basics of a business continuity program, proactive monitoring of critical functions, anti-spam tools, data backup and malware defense.


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   Pinnacle SerenityPlus Serenity
Outsourced IT Function  ✓
Support Labor  Included Best Discounted Rate Block Hours
 24/7 Network Monitoring  ✓
 ✓  ✓
 Backup Checks  ✓
 ✓  ✓
 Verify Backup Restore  ✓  ✓  ✓
 Off-Site Backup  ✓   ✓  ✓
 Off-Site Storage  ✓   ✓  ✓
 Anti-Virus  ✓   ✓  ✓
 Anti-Spam  ✓   ✓  ✓
 Anti-Malware  ✓   ✓  ✓
 Content Filtering  ✓   ✓  ✓
 Remote Support Access  ✓   ✓  ✓
 CylancePROTECT®  ✓   ✓  
 Critical Updates  ✓   ✓
 Inventory  ✓   ✓  ✓
 Network Administration  ✓   ✓  
Virtual CIO   ✓    ✓  

Our Happy Customers

"As a small business, we do not have our own internal IT department. SIM2K® Block Hours offer us a way to get more of the support we need at a lower cost."
-A central Indiana wealth management company

"We've found SIM2K to be an instrumental force in shaping our IT future. Thanks to their SIM2K Block Hours, we've found an effective way to pay for our IT needs as they arise."
-A central Indiana auto auction

"SIM2K has been there for us over the years. They've helped us setup remote access systems, advised us in our continued growth and even helped us restore our patient management software."
-Top rated Indiana surgeon's office

"We were hit by a nasty Internet worm right in the middle of tax season that disabled our server. SIM2K was able to come in and in hours we were back up and running. Their responsive and competent help saved us a lot of time, pain and money."
- A central Indiana accounting firm

"BDA has been utilizing SIM2K consulting services for several years now. We are very pleased with SIM2K's focus on customer service and recently decided to become a SIM2K® Pinnacle customer. We IMMEDIATELY realized the cost benefit to our company! SIM2K Pinnacle has proven to be a great asset to our company..."
- Bill Dunbar and Associates, LLC