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IP-Based Video Systems

Video over same network as PCs

  • 15 November 2017
  • Author: SIM2K
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In our November issue, we look at Internet-Protocol (IP) based video systems.  The convergence of video over the same networks as PCs means companies no longer have to string coax cable for video as the video signal can now piggy-back on the same network as computers.  Companies are installing video for security, safety and as a crime deterrent, and SIM2K can specify, install, configure and support these video systems.  We also take a look at two of the popular note-taking programs, Microsoft's OneNote and Evernote, and compare the pros and cons of both.  Users of Google Chrome browsers will see some improvements with the new update that also fixes lots of security issues.  Microsoft is rolling out a new authorization policy for Windows 10 Enterprise which may foreshadow where the company will go with all Windows licensing in the future. And, we re-cap Cybersecurity Month with a look at the "Bad Rabbit" ransomware released at the end of October and cover our tips for securing your network from malware.

Ransomware Threats

Cryptolocker, Jigsaw and others a serious threat

  • 26 April 2016
  • Author: SIM2K
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Our April SIMformation deals with the increasing threat posed by ransomware like Cryptolocker, CTB-Locker and Jigsaw.  We discuss programs SIM2K is putting in place to help our clients defend against ransomware attacks and ways to help minimize losses and lost productivity should there be an infection.  We also bid farewell to the Java plug-in, long used by the malware writers as a tool to infect your network.  We look at a new browser (as if Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari weren't plenty) and cover a security warning from Google for Chrome users still on outdated operating systems like Windows XP.

Cyber Security Involves All

  • 24 November 2015
  • Author: SIM2K
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Our November issue of SIMformation discusses steps any business should ask themselves concerning the security of their network and data. Continued hack attacks, the impact of Cloud storage and other risks make it important for companies to consider what their exposure is. We also look at the continuing "Computer Center" scam calls problem and what the FTC can and cannot do to stop these. And, we look at Windows 10 and Chrome adoption, and lagging PC sales and more in this issue.

Government Data Breach a Warning

  • 18 August 2015
  • Author: SIM2K
  • Number of views: 0

The Federal data breach in the Office of Personnel Management shows the need to maintain security for any network including effective password management, updated malware protection and control over remote access and third-party software add-ons.  We also look at cyber insurance claims, how businesses may resurrect the tablet market, and review the update policy that Microsoft will employ for Windows 10.


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